Postcard Marketing Simply Works

Get more leads and sales with direct mail postcard marketing.  In this era of search engines and social media, postcards and direct mail may seem hopelessly outdated, but in fact they're more effective than ever.  Why?  Because a targeted postcard cuts through the marketing noise and goes straight to the mailbox of your ideal prospect - quickly and inexpensively.

Postcard marketing, when done correctly and with the proper mailing list research, can produce fast results and and get you a near 100% exposure rate.  Learn more about the gigantic "Dynamite Deals" mailer you may have seen, targeted shared postcard mailings or solo postcard direct mail services. is a division of Mill Creek Promotions LLC

"Dynamite Deals" Mailer

Show Me Dynamite Deals Postcard

Our "Show Me Dynamite Deals" mailer is a huge 9x12" postcard containing 14-16 ads with non-competing offers that is mailed to 5,000 to 10,000 local area households. The "Show Me Dynamite Deals" giant postcard mailer is currently being licensed to locally-owned business co-op's for the exclusive area use of the members in the local co-op area. Learn more about "Dynamite Deals."

Targeted Shared Mailings

triple play shared postcard mailing

 Want to reach a specific group of prospects, such as new businesses or new homeowners?  Don't have the budget to send a solo postcard mail campaign?

Then ask about sharing a large postcard with non-competing businesses. Learn more about Targeted Shared Mailings.

Solo Postcard Campaigns

Direct Mail Solo Postcard Marketing

For maximum effectiveness, we can develop a single card or implement a custom postcard campaign for your company or organization. Publicize events or generate leads for high-ticket purchases.  Learn more about Solo Postcard Campaigns.