Dynamite Deals – Not Just an Ad, but an ADVOCATE

When you promote your product or service in a Show Me Dynamite Deals mailer, you’re getting more than just marketing.  More than just another way to put your message in front of thousands of people.

Show Me Dynamite Deals is exclusive; we don’t put multiple offers for the same type of product or service on the same card. That’s powerful because your prospective clients aren’t choosing between you and your competitors; all they see is YOU.  So from that perspective, your offers are more likely to be seen and responded to than in any local marketing medium that we know of.

But there’s another perspective.

Because we cannot accept every would-be advertiser who calls, we are choosy about the ones we DO accept. We focus our attention on ONE auto repair shop or ONE tanning salon or ONE chiropractor, which means you and you alone get the benefit of our promotion, our ideas, and our support in your industry.

That’s why we mention “qualifying” to be on the card; it’s not just about whether there’s a spot available.  It’s about whether you’re willing to work in partnership with us to help you get more customers.

If you want something more than just another ad, contact us today.


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