Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists That Reach Your Target Market

Targeted Mailing Lists Mean ProfitYour mailing list is the most important part of your campaign success – perhaps 60 to 75% of your response is dependent on getting your message to precisely the right people.

When you utilize our mailing list research service, we can develop a list of prospects that match nearly any type of client profile.  We can act as your list broker for B2B and B2C industries anywhere in the US.

Want to market to small businesses with less than 10 employees, and a sales volume of $1,000,000 to $2,499,999?  Can do.  In Columbia MO (zip codes 65203, 65202 and 65201) there are 54 such businesses*.

Looking for homeowners who make more than $100,000 a year? In Columbia there are 8265 of ’em.

If you’re a dentist you may want to target households with young children.

If you sell hearing aids you may want to reach married men over 60 who make $50K/year.

If you’re in the home improvement industry, you may want to reach new movers or new homeowners.

A carefully chosen mailing list can deliver your offer to JUST the right people, JUST when you want them to get it.  Such list research is available as part of your direct mail campaign.

(*Research conducted February 2012.)