Solo Postcard Campaigns

Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns – Maximum Effectiveness

Send Direct Mail to Target

The magic of direct mail in general – and postcard marketing in particular – is the ability to target your message precisely.  When your message winds up in the mailbox of someone who’s predisposed to be interested in your offering (because of income, gender, location, buying habits, etc – which has been gleaned from effective mailing list research), you’re halfway towards making the sale!

A one-time or repeated mailing to this carefully chosen list of prospects can reap enormous rewards for your business.

We’ll work with you on defining who you want to reach and match that with the wealth of list data available to us.  Then we’ll develop your card’s look and message, relying on case studies of businesses in similar industries around the country.

Postcard Sizes

  • Standard 4.25″  x 6″
  • Large 6″ x 8.5″
  • Huge 6″ x 11″

Keys to Direct Mail Success

The biggest key to a successful direct mail campaign is mailing to the right group of people.

The second most important factor is the OFFER.  You’ve got to come up with a meaningful offer that’s going to encourage people to respond.

Third is repetition – you’ve got to give a campaign a chance to work.  Part of what your campaign is doing is developing interest; regular messages (3 to 6 postcards sent at least monthly) simply generate a higher response.

If you’re not sure whether a direct mail campaign is right for you… if you’ve had less-than-optimal success with a postcard mailing in the past… or if you’re looking for an alternative to your existing ad agency or mailing house, contact us today.  We don’t have the overhead that some of the larger companies to, and we have access to industry-specific case studies to help us do the campaign right.