When An Ad Isn’t Selling

Deals and DiscountsUnfortunately, you may run a postcard campaign with us,  or place an offer in Dynamite Deals, and get little or no response.  To some extent, that’s just the “nature of the beast” – marketing simply involves testing.  There are lots of variables involved, and nobody can guarantee that every ad will be a huge success.

Why Ads Don’t Sell

Profit-generating offers have three things in common:

  • The Right Message
  • The Right Market
  • The Right Media

In other words, you have to offer something appealing to people who can/will buy it, in a way that they notice.

The “Show Me Dynamite Deals” postcard mailer reaches 5,000- 10,000+ middle-to-upper income households in your local area.   That’s the market. Most of your regular customers/clients/prospects will do business with businesses near them.

The media is that huge postcard itself – easy to see, no competing offers, goes straight to someone’s mailbox – very noticeable.

The message – that is often the crux of the matter.  If you haven’t done so, please read the page about Creating High Response Offers for ideas.

Other Important Factors

Repetition: Very few people respond to an ad the first time they see or hear it; you’ve got to repeat an ad over and over and over again.  (Why do you suppose they run the same TV commercial several times during the same show?)  People are busy, they’re not in the market just yet, they don’t have the money right now, they haven’t done their research yet, et cetera et cetera – there are all sorts of reasons they don’t buy the first time they see an ad.

Credibility: If someone has never heard of your company or of the product/service you sell, you’ve got to prove you’re reliable.  Show your photo, show your store, offer a guarantee, use testimonials and send people to a professional website.  Running an ad multiple times also fosters credibility – people figure you must not be a “fly by night” operation if you’ve been around a while.

Risk: If you sell something expensive (say, roofing) or something that can have a major impact on someone’s life (LASIK surgery, perhaps, or health insurance), don’t expect any single ad to land the customer for you.  Be prepared to educate prospective clients; offer valuable information, seminars, consultations and so on instead of asking for the sale upfront.

Focus:  Consumers look for easy to understand deals on something they want to buy; if they’re confused they do nothing.  Make sure it’s absolutely clear, in your ad, what you’re selling and how they should redeem the offer.  Use a deadline so they don’t procrastinate.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes – if you had never heard of your company and/or your product or service, would that coupon offer prompt YOU to call?